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380 & 480 Sliding Window

Aluminium Sliding Window - 380 (75mm) & 480 (101.6mm)

The AGS 380 & 480 Sliding Windows incorporate the features and flexibility of a residential window system into the commercial grade AGS 400 Narrowline framing system.

The AGS 380 & 480 Sliding Windows are particularly suited to architectural applications where a more substantial, commercial appearance is desired.

The AGS 380 & 480 Sliding Windows deliver a neat and streamlined appearance with their squared mullions and glazing beads.

With the use of adaptors, both the 380 & 480 sliding windows can be double glazed to offer an enhanced level of thermal comfort and performance and deliver sliding sash functionality in a modern and bold external framing system.

Features & Benefits

  • Bold 75mm (380) or 101.6mm (480) outer frame for commercial and architectural applications
  • Single and double glazed options
  • 480 Slider-over-slider functionality
  • Integrated head and sill design for neat, clean appearance
  • Adjustable rollers and height adjustable lockable latching option
  • Integrated insect and security screening options
  • Compatible with a range of AGS suites
Maximum Recommended Sizes Frame Dimensions (Depth & Height)
Height 1500mm 380 76mm x 35mm
Width 1200mm 480 101.6mm x 44mm 
Weight 42Kg Glazing Details
Max. Product Performance Single Glazed 3mm - 6mm
SLS (Pa) 4500  Double Glazed  14mm - 18mm
ULS (Pa) 11200 Max. Acoustic Rating
WATER (Pa) 600 Rw (C;CTR) 32 (0;-2)

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