Acute Angle - Capral

Acute Angle


Nettle Architects
Wayne Spencer
Shannon McGrath
Capral AGS Aluminium Framing
Capral AGS 900 Sliding Door
Clear Anodised





Project Summary

Architect Wendy Nettle successfully executes the merging of contemporary with elements of an earlier vintage in an ambitious renovation and addition makeover to a house located in the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

An echoed theme of freshness and connection flowing through the entire house brings it into the twenty - first century. The geometric ceiling floating above Capral AGS Aluminium Framing is one of the many features of the project. This allows for winter sunlight to flood the room and provides a bright outlook in summer, while minimising solar gain and thermal mass in the polished concrete floor.

Almost every room in the front of the house has a prospect to the rear of the house – some have a view all the way through to the external decks and verandahs. To assist with the subtle transition from old to new doorways have been made higher, with a new a full-height Capral AGS 900 Sliding Door. This project has been created as a series of linking buildings with materials, textures and colours that amplify the houses visual continuity.


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