Artisan Folding Door

Aluminium Folding Door - Artisan

The Artisan aluminium folding door incorporates a technologically advanced folding door system that surpasses that of ordinary aluminium folding doors.

Utilising Effortless Motion Technology (EMT™) Artisan aluminium folding doors create harmony, balance and a greater sense of ease. Artisan aluminium folding doors move and feel like no other, because they’re made like no other.

At the heart of it all – EMT™ and Capral’s AGS ‘Smart Hinge’ and ‘Easy Gliding’ Channel makes Artisan quietly the best and smoothest door on the market.

The obsession with precision and flawless motion makes Artisan aluminium folding doors simply perfect.

Features & Benefits

  • Incorporating AGS ‘Smart Groove’ technology for superior fabrication
  • Heavy duty roller, capable of taking 75kg load per panel
  • High performance sill
  • AGS SmartHinge™ using superior marine grade stainless steel
  • Effortless Motion Technology (EMT™) for flawless operation
Maximum Recommended Sizes Frame Dimensions (Depth & Height)
Height 3000mm Option 1 101.6 x 29 Flat Sill
Width 1000mm Option 2 101.6 x 45 Std Sill
Weight 100kg Option 3 101.6 x 57 HP Sill
Max. Product Performance Glazing Details
SLS (Pa) 2200 Single Glazed 4mm - 10mm
ULS (Pa) 4200 Thick Glazed 12mm - 20mm
WATER (Pa) 1000 Double Glazed  20mm - 28mm
Max. Acoustic Rating
Rw (C;CTR) 36 (-1;-3)

Compatible With

Typical Configurations


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