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Cape Escape


Hayne Wadley Architects
GK and KM Trease Builders
David Jones
John Gollings
Capral AGS 400 Narrowline Framing
Capral AGS 889 Sliding Door (Superseded by AGS 900 Sliding Door)
Charcoal Powdercoating

Project Summary

Cape Liptrap, in south-east Gippsland offers a sense of isolation enjoyed by the owners of this fairly modest 250 square metre house. They were mindful of creating their house to ensure protection from elements such as the southerly and westerly winds from Bass Strait. As a result the house turns its back to the south.

In contrast to this southern elevation, the entire northern face of the house features floor-to-ceiling Capral AGS 400 Narrowline windows, combined with the large deck and broad timber staircase. This loosely takes the form of a grandstand, and not surprisingly the architects from Hayne Wadley were keen to ensure all the “seats” were premier.

While the house turns its back to visitors, the entrance at the building’s centre provides a glimpse of the majestic view beyond and separates primary living area and kitchen from sleeping quarters. This was done to tease out the view. Not far into the home, the entire view is fully revealed in the open-plan kitchen and living area.With expansive glazing, the eleven-metre-long volume takes it all in as one breathtaking view by using Capral AGS 889 Sliding Doors (superseded by 900 Sliding Door).

Unlike trophy beach houses that bring the suburbs to the coast, this house represents a change in lifestyle and provides relaxation with not a singular view, but a panoramic one.


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