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Elgin Street Residence



Sonelo Design Studio
TCM Building Group
Gippsland Windows & Doors
Structify Consulting
Peter Bennetts
Capral 625 Double Glazed Narrowline Fixed Window
Capral 900 High Performance Sliding Door

Black Satin


Project Summary

The Elgin street residence project, while not the first project by Wilson Tang, is the first project by Wilson Tang’s newly established architecture firm, Sonelo Design studios. This project has reminded the architect what it takes to design small, confined spaces, while still getting the most out of each area of the home. With the block size being a mere 104sqm, every element of the home has been designed for multiple purposes, and used to make the spaces work to the owner’s advantage. 

Capral’s 900 series door has been used, both upstairs and downstairs, to bring light and air in from the internal courtyard, as well as creating a seamless transition between inside and out. Due to the double glazing in Capral’s 625 Narrowline fixed windows, these windows not only look great, but help keep the homes temperature regulated by keeping the cold out in winter and the warm out in summer.


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