Euro Awning/Casement - Capral

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Euro Awning/Casement

The luxury is obvious in the Euro Awning/Casement window. With the option of a casement window to allow for maximum exposure from the outside, or a top hung awning window the Euro Awning/Casement is perfect for almost any application.

Features & Benefits

  • Single & Double Glazed Options (up to 27mm)
  • Standard and high performance configurations using sub frame system
  • European designed components and hardware to improve functionality and adjustability
  • Multiple and adjustable locking points allow large sizes & high wind pressures
Maximum Recommended Sizes Frame Dimensions (Depth & Height)
Height 2100mm Option 1 As Commercial Frames
Width 1800mm
Weight 60kg Glazing Details
Max. Product Performance Single Glazed 4mm - 10mm
SLS (Pa) 4500 Thick Glazed 11mm - 18mm
ULS (Pa) 10600 Double Glazed 19mm - 27mm
WATER (Pa) 1200 Max. Acoustic Rating
Rw (C;CTR) 39 (-2;-5)


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