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Family Connections

Steve Domoney Architects
Richard Barned
Brown Consulting
Derek Swalwell
Capral AGS 419 Flushline Framing
Clear AnodiSed

Project Summary

Steve Domoney Architecture took on the challenge of designing a home for clients with children. This project came with a clear vision of a spacious family home, contemporary in line and warm in tone.

The dining room has Capral AGS windows opening at exterior ground level to a fernery, while high-level Capral AGS 419 Flushline Framing System beyond the kitchen provides views to distant trees in the south-east. The formal lounge opens to a generous decking and garden behind. The strong walls to the perimeter of the site provide a sense of security and privacy, while the glazing, judiciously used, has provided a sense of expansion.

On each level visual connections are encouraged by the extensive glazing around the courtyard, as well as the inclusion of handrails, part of the roof, and a water feature with a reflection pond at ground level.

The kitchen has a pivotal role in the interior spaces of this lavished family house – a focal place for family meals whilst also providing clear views throughout the eastern side of the house. Large sections of recycled timber provide support for the inclined glazing that connects the lobby and interior court, and frames for the enormous sliding glass doors. Steve’s calm and comfortable character is reflected in his architecture, as the home owners say it took about two days to settle in!

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