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Glazing Adaptors

Architectural and Commercial – Glazing Adaptors

Capral offers a wide range of adaptors that provide glazing options for existing and new structures. They may be used on a variety of sub-structures including steelwork, timber or aluminium.

Options include glazing channels for frameless glazing, internal partitioning, door and general adaptors and also the familiar St Lucia and St Kilda plant-on glazing systems. Some glazing adaptors may also be used as a secondary glazing option for increased acoustic performance.

Note that glazing adaptors have limited structural capabilities and rely on being fixed to a suitable structural member.

Features & Benefits

  • Extensive range of Glazing Adaptors provide a wide range of glazing options
  • Low profile sections maximise daylight openings
  • Options from 4mm single glazing through to 41mm double glazing
Glazing Capacity
Glazing Adaptor Options Min (mm) Max (mm)
St Kilda plant-on adaptor 6 36
St Lucia plant-on adaptor 4 28
Frameless Glazing Channels 24mm 4 12
32mm 9 19
33mm 6 12
44mm Door Adaptor 4 29
General Adaptors 31mm 6 11
35mm 4 26
50mm 6 41

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