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Juralco Industrial Products manufactures and markets Ampligrip Aluminium Grating, Guardsafe Access Systems and Walkmaster Roof Walkway Systems. These systems are used throughout the world in manufacturing and processing plants, industrial and commercial buildings and complexes.

Wherever strong, economical, lightweight, safe, non-corrosive, non-sparking access is required, Juralco is the product you are looking for.

Some of our products:

Ampligrip aluminium gratings are suitable for most environments and ideal for marine environments, sewage treatment plants, mezzanine floors or any lightweight catwalk requirement.

Guardsafe Access Systems are the first completely integrated systems of aluminium guardrails, flooring and supports available directly from Australia's most innovative aluminium manufacturer.  Thus eliminating inherent problems with matching componentry and costly supply delays.

Walkmaster Roof Walkway Systems from Juralco can provide safe access to roof top plant and equipment, eliminating the danger of workplace accidents, employee unrest and legal battles.  Walkmaster is a simple to install, lightweight yet incredibly strong and virtually maintenance-free walkway system which provides a simple solution to safety in the workplace.


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