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MK5B Sliding Door

Aluminium Sliding Door - MK5B

The Mk5B sliding door system is a flexible and versatile sliding door solution. Capable of 2, 3, 4 and 6 panel multi-stack configurations, the Mk5B suite can cater for a wide range of residential applications. Its sturdy 89mm aluminium frame also accommodates integrated insect and security screening options. For enhanced thermal performance, optional glazing adaptors can be used to incorporate double glazing . A full range of top light and side light configurations further expand design possibilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Proven residential door sliding door system
  • Single and double glazing options
  • Standard and multi-stack configurations of up to 6 panels
  • Attractive door interlock designs
  • Integrated insect and security screening options
Maximum Recommended Sizes Frame Dimensions (Depth & Height)
Height 2400mm Option 1 Frame Depth: 89mm
Width 1500mm    
Max. Product Performance Glazing Details
SLS (Pa) 2500 Single Glazed 4mm - 6.38mm
ULS (Pa) 3750 Double Glazed 16mm
WATER (Pa) 500    

Typical Configurations


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