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Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. This document, the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice contain the terms and conditions of access to, and use of, the Drawings and Website, as may be varied from time to time by Capral (Conditions).
  2. In these Conditions, Capral means Capral Limited (ABN 78 004 213 692); Drawings means the technical drawings provided via the Website; Privacy Notice means the document entitled "Privacy Notice" and available on Capral's website; Purpose means access, review and download the Drawings into CAD packages and plans for evaluating the suitability of Capral's products for a particular application, or for use in specifying use of Capral's products for a particular application; Terms of Use means the document entitled "Terms of Use" and available on Capral's website; User means the person using the Drawings in accordance with these Conditions; Website means the myCapral portal at
  3. A User's entitlement to access, review, download and use the Drawings through the Website is subject to Capral's acceptance of this form and issue of unique login identification to the User, at which time a contract will be formed between Capral and the relevant User.
  4. The Drawings and related documentation must be used for the Purpose only and should not be used unless and until detailed technical advice in relation to individual circumstances or particular applications of Capral's products has been sought.
  5. Except in relation the Purpose, the User obtains no intellectual property rights in the Drawings which will remain vested in Capral. Refer to the section headed "Intellectual Property Rights" in the Terms of Use.
  6. Capral may at any time remove, update or modify the Drawings without notice.
  7. Capral may from time to time send notifications, product updates and promotions to the User's registered email address.
  8. The purchase of any Capral products will be subject to Capral's standard Conditions of Sale.
  9. Capral makes no representations or warranties about the information provided through the Website and accepts no liability for any inaccuracies or omissions in the Website or any decisions based on information contained in the Website. Refer to the section headed "Disclaimer" in the Terms of Use.
  10. The User must keep the Drawings and related documentation confidential.
  11. On reasonable request by Capral, the User must (at Capral's option) promptly return to Capral or destroy, any copies of Drawings and related documentation, in which case any rights immediately cease.

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