Project Postcards


Acute Angle

Architect Wendy Nettle successfully executes the merging of contemporary with elements of an earlier vintage in an ambitious renovation and addition makeover to a house located in the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne.



Rear Windows

Architect David Vernon volunteered his own residence in St Kilda East, Melbourne, to create his ideal urban oasis driven by an attraction to fresh air and sunlight. David wanted to brighten gloomy bedrooms and transform one living space into three.



Cape Escape

Cape Liptrap, in south-east Gippsland offers a sense of isolation enjoyed by the owners of this fairly modest 250 square metre house.



Family Connections

Steve Domoney Architecture took on the challenge of designing a home for clients with children. This project came with a clear vision of a spacious family home, contemporary in line and warm in tone.


St. Andrew

St. Andrew's Beach House

Nestled in the sand dunes of St Andrews Beach is an example of Perkins Architects’ unique and award-winning residential architecture.


Scape House

Scape House

This beach house at Cape Liptrap is both compact and modest, as it only takes up a floor space of 130 square metres. Architect Andrew Simpson largely contributed to the project’s success.


Capral ParadiseDrive Postcard_Dec2014-1.jpg

Paradise Drive

A proposed new residence located on an impressive beachside site - one and a half hours south of Melbourne. Adjacent to St Andrews Beach and the Mornington Peninsula national park, the location features ocean views and preserved coastal vegetation.



Bonnie's of Beachport

Opening in November 2016, Bonnies luxury holiday apartments have been described by many as the ideal union of form and function. A group of six luxury holiday residences located in the picturesque seaside town of Beachport, South Australia, Bonnies is named after the Bonney Upwelling, a local marine phenomenon bringing cold, nutrient-rich water from deep in the ocean to the surface, turning the sea a stunning azure.



Five Yards

The Five Yards project is a perfect fusion of minimalist design, environmental efficiency and natural elegance. Harmoniously enclosing five unique gardens within a series of peaceful living spaces, this award-winning residence has been justly praised for creating a serene and memorable residential environment. 



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