St. Andrew's Beach House - Capral

St. Andrew's Beach House


Perkins Architects
Smith Builders
Adams Consulting Engineers
Dianna Snape
Capral AGS Aluminium Framing
Capral AGS 889 Sliding Door (Superseded by 900 Sliding Door)
Ever shield Coastal Anodising



Project Summary

Nestled in the san dunes of St Andrews Beach is an example of Perkins Architects unique and award-winning residential architecture. Looking out over the wild waters of the Bass Strait, this family beach house has been designed as a careful response to the site and its surroundings. On a clear day generously scaled living spaces have been designed to maximize the views of the rugged landscape, as the Capral AGS 889 Sliding Doors (superseded by 900 Sliding Door) open up to the external environment. The entry stair hovers within a crisp, glass box. The arrival sequence is dotted with glimpses of the stunning view. This is located strategically so that both pedestrian entry and garage side doors enter at the same location.  Particular views have been captured through strategically placed horizontal and vertical windows in both linear and corner configurations. Detailing of the windows gives the impression of the house being deeply embedded in the surrounding landscape. Overall the materials are both robust and natural which further camouflages the buildings in its surroundings



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