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The Part Capral Aluminium Windows & Doors Play

Capral is proud to offer an extensive range of Australian made window and door systems that have been designed and tested to provide thermal comfort and cater for new trends. Capral’s products allow light, views and ventilation whilst providing sustainable, energy efficient facade solutions.


Capral aluminium windows and doors offer a great way to naturally ventilate your home. Different styles of windows and doors offer a range of ventilation options. Maximum ventilation is achieved through windows with wide openings such as Capral’s range of sliding windows, while other styles such as casement windows and louvre windows give you greater control over the direction and strength of air entering your home. Doors that offer wide openings such as Capral folding or stacking doors offer unobstructed airflow between inside and outside environments.


Reduced Heat Transfer

By reducing heat transfer through windows and doors, you will enjoy a more energy efficient home. Many homes are using 60% more energy to heat and cool than might otherwise be necessary. Energy transfer through a window generally travels through the glass and frame. However, given that up to 90% of a window’s area is made up of glazing, glass selection is the most critical component in minimising heat transfer.

Well-designed aluminium windows and doors with good glazing achieve high thermal efficiency at a much lower cost.

Additional Benefits

There are many additional benefits to be derived from clever use of Capral high performance windows and doors including:

  • Reduced reliance on orientation, meaning greater design freedom;
  • Decreased environmental impact and reduced greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Enhanced thermal comfort of up to5°c warmer in winter and 10°c cooler in summer;
  • Improved wellbeing through increased exposure to natural daylight;
  • A substantial reduction in condensation with the installation of double glazing;
  • Improved acoustic performance;
  • Reduced fading of furniture and fittings due to decreased UV ray transmittance;
  • Integration of indoor and outdoor areas, perfect for entertaining.

A Total Solution

It is important to note that a window is more than a pane of glass; rather it is the glass, frame, seals and hardware combined.

1. High Performance Frame
As well as visually complementing theglass, a frame should be durable and low maintenance. Capral aluminium frames are popular in contemporary architecture as they require little maintenance, are long lasting, don’t warp, swell or crack over time and can be coated in a range of different finishes and colours.

2. Quality Seals
Long-lasting seals that offer exceptional resistance to all weather conditions are vital to keep air from inadvertently entering or escaping through gaps in the window. High quality seals will ensure the window acts as an effective insulator.

3. High Performance Glass
Selecting the wrong glass to put in a frame, or similarly, placing high performance glass in an inferior frame, will have a negative effect on the thermal performance of your entire home. Selecting a window and door that combines high performance glass with a quality frame and long-lasting weather resistant seals will result in a high performance window and door, designed to provide a high level of insulation and to keep heat in or out depending on your requirements.

Expert Advice

Much like a medical professional prescribes a remedy, when selecting windows you should consult a design professional to help determine the best window and door and glazing solution for your specific needs.
High performance aluminium windows can easily achieve heating and cooling improvements of more than 60% over conventional systems and rivalling more expensive alternatives, such as thermally broken aluminium, timber and uPVC.

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