A Pavilion Between trees - Capral
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A Pavilion Between Trees



Branch Studio Architects
Martin Builders
WSP Structures
Peter Clarke
Capral AGS 425 Double Glazed Narrowline Window
Capral Artisan folding Door



Project Summary

The team at Branch Studio Architect have designed this beautiful home with the local landscape and vegetation in mind. The project has been based around three big, beautiful trees that are located on the owner’s 4 hectare property.

Whilst this project incorporates a very minimalist design approach, with the use of Capral’s AGS 425 Double glazed Narrowline windows and Artisan folding doors, the architects have managed to ensure the beauty of the outdoors, and plenty of natural light can be enjoyed in the comfort of the owner’s home. Gradual raises in the floor creates the ability for the design to include both private spaces, such as the bathroom and dressing room, as well as beautifully transparent spaces, such as the living room and sleeping quarters, that showcase the view of the flora through the windows. .

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