Architectural Design Showroom – Docklands - Capral

Architectural Design Showroom

This highly commended award winning showroom (2015 AWA Design Awards) is all about solving problems and allowing Architects to make calculated decisions. All work specified as a result of the showroom contributes to energy efficient buildings by using innovative products including Capral’s thermal break range (Futureline) and glazing systems capable of housing high performance glass.

The showroom design has been stripped back to its raw elements so Architects and Designers can see the products in their natural form without complicated colours or cluttered back drops. Natural timber ply, polished concrete, and exposed ceilings were used in the design construction to reduce the amount of artificial products being added to the space. The automated lighting turns on a off as you walk through the space creating a ‘spotlight’ effect for the product you are looking at whilst the rest of the showroom remains in dimmed light.

We welcome you to come and take a look and see for yourself.

Capral’s Architectural Design Showroom
L2, 82 Lorimer St, Docklands VIC 3008
T 1800 ALUMINIUM (258 646)

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