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The Architectural Series

Capral are proud experts at creating aluminium glazing solutions for the building industry. We don't merely design aluminium windows and doors but strive to create products that integrate into the buildings design. Our products blend seamlessly into the aesthetic of any project and we focus not only on cost, but the value that Capral and our products add to these projects. The Capral Architectural Series pulls together systems from Capral’s comprehensive AGS® range (Architectural Glazing Systems) featuring high performance aluminium window and doors to provide inspiration and choice for the future of architectural design.

You will find our selection of aluminium door, window and framing systems offer a great range of functionality such as aluminium projection, sliding and folding options, and also meet the demands of different architectural styles – be that, single or multi-story projects. Each AGS® system in the collection has a dedicated page that discusses its features, benefits and specifications. From energy and structural performance through to acoustic and glazing capabilities, you will find all the crucial information to make an educated specification decision. Every product in the Capral Architectural Series has a story behind it – read on to find out more.

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