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Capral Aluminium are proud experts in creating glazing solutions for the building industry. We don’t merely design aluminium windows and doors but strive to create products that integrate into the buildings design. We provide solutions to problems. Our products blend seamlessly into the aesthetic of any project and we focus not only on cost, but the value that Capral and our products add to these projects. The Capral Community Living brochure intends to demystify the different elements of the building code and disability standards as they relate to aluminium glazing systems, as well as covering other aspects of glazing applicable to a community living environment such as acoustics and energy.

Our extensive selection of aluminium sliding and aluminium hinged doors, window, and framing systems offer a great range of functionality and choice; meeting an extremely diverse range of aspects in community living environments – be that of independent residential living, through to high care secure accommodation. We hope this brochure provides ideas and provokes inspiration for your next Community Living project. For more information about our aluminium products or to discuss in more detail any of these topics, don't hesitate to visit our website or local specification representatives.

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