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Capral_Solis_A.jpg Capral calls for mandatory safeguards for Australian windows


One of Australia’s largest window systems suppliers is adding its voice to the calls for greater regulation of all building industry products to safeguard consumers and the construction industry.

Capral has manufactured window systems for commercial and residential buildings in Australia for many of its 80 years in Australia and rigorously tests its products in NATA-certified laboratories to ensure their safety, quality and compliance with the National Construction Code of Australia. 

It is now calling for the introduction of an Australian-based mandatory third party certification system to ensure the safety and quality of all new windows whether they are imported or manufactured in Australia.

Non-compliant windows have been flooding into Australia over the past 10 years, many accompanied by fraudulent certification documents. Non-compliant windows, doors, glass and balustrades have the potential in the worst instance to cause loss of life or serious injury.  They can also cause serious structural damage and dramatically reduce energy efficiency and comfort levels.

Architects, building specifiers, builders, developers and consumers need to know that the windows installed in Australian buildings are safe and will perform to building code specifications. 

Australian Window Association (AWA) CEO and Executive Director Tracey Gramlick says reports and complaints of non-compliant window failures have skyrocketed in recent years.  She says all building designers and architects should insist on the use of certified code compliant windows, doors and façade products from Australian Window Association members only.

“Buying from AWA members is currently the best way of ensuring the quality and safety of window systems in Australia because we physically verify all of our members’ products through our NATA-endorsed accreditation program.  Our members undertake to open their manufacturing sites for audit and they value the rigour of the AWA accreditation process which gives their products higher integrity in the marketplace.”

Capral is committed to supplying the Australian construction market with high quality, construction code compliant products manufactured to the highest standards.  We follow strict protocols at every stage of production and we continually invest in the development of world-class manufacturing facilities and precision engineered products.

Having confidence in suppliers is critical in the building industry and represents enormous value for consumers, installers and builders.  The costs involved with rectifying a building go far beyond the cost of the actual rectification works when considering the potential for reputation damage.

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