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Paradise Drive



Steve Hatzellis
David Yeow
Capral AGS 419 Flushline Framing System
Capral AGS 200 Hinged Door (Superseded by AGS 225 Series Door)
Capral Artisan EMT Folding Door
Interpon Ultriva Anodic Steller Bronze


Project Summary

A proposed new residence located on an impressive beachside site - one and a half hours south of Melbourne.Adjacent to St Andrews Beach and the Mornington Peninsula national park, the location features ocean views and preserved coastal vegetation.

The peninsula house is a response to very particular site conditions and client requirements. Environmental, planning,topographical, visual, and climatic site conditions were mapped, analysed and integrated into a set of design constraints that responded to these dynamic conditions.

The house is organised as a 3D spiral, foreshortening a conventional linear arrangement and creating both internalised as well expansive views, allowing privacy, visual adjacency and a protected outdoor space typical of courtyard house typologies. Views to the site delineate a set of controlled perspective lines that define the orientation and form ramping volumes. Capral Framing Systems including AGS 419 Flushline to help frame the views, Capral AGS 200 Hinged Doors as an access point to the expansive outdoor deck platform and Capral Artisan Folding Doors to bring the outside in.


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