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Parap Pool Artistic


Jill Chism
Daniel Hahn - Liquid Blue
Arafura Fabrications
Jill Chism
3mm 5083 flat sheet
Digital Art Glass


Project Summary

In 2016 Jill Chism, a professional artist from North Queensland was commissioned to create an entrance sculpture and collaborate on a 70 linear meter facade, with architect Daniel Hahn from Liquid Blu, for the new Parap pool in Darwin. Officially completed by January 2018, the entrance sculpture was made from aluminium square hollow section (frame/armature) and sheeted with powder coated aluminium and mirror ACM. The front face of the sculpture was sheeted with Digital art glass (supplied by Coolum Brothers,Perth). 

Arafura Fabrications in Darwin were commissioned to fabricate the sculpture from shop drawings, based on supplied architectural and design drawings and supplied art glass. Jill Chism artist, responded both to the Zig Zag nature of the facade drawings, supplied by the architects and was inspired by the formation/ movement of an ocean wave for the final design. 

The images for the facade, were modified from photographs of locals swimming and diving into the pool before it closed for renovation. The artist was keen to capture the sense of light and expression conveyed in the pool environment. The material used for the facade was Pic Perf (perforated aluminium).
The sculpture while reflective and translucent, mimicking the way light plays with the surface and movement in the pool, also offered the viewer a number of different perspectives as they approached the pool entrance. The supplied photographs show the sculpture from different viewpoints. (With thanks to Tony Marker’s team from Arafura for the professional finish given to the sculpture.)

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