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Capral Customer Software Support

Capral Aluminium via its Software Support department provides its customers access to a range of Software packages, used by the Capral Customer Network for estimating, quotation and fabrication of window and door systems as well as shower and robe packages to service the construction industry.

The independent Software Applications below allow fabricators to generate project estimates with a complete bill of materials including extrusions components, glass, labour and sundry items, along with the creation of cutting lists with glass sizes which optimise extrusion cutting. Detailed drawings in both .pdf and AutoCad format are available in CRE8 and much more.


QuoCut Professional Estimator Application

QuoCut Professional is an application designed to help customers calculate costings and quotations for the manufacture of Capral's Residential Product suite. The tool provides precise information needed to generate cutting sheets to assist with manufacture. Furthermore, the tool is highly configurable and incorporates reporting functionality to assist with manufacturing analysis.

Hosted by Software Solutions Queensland (SSQ)

Ph: 07 4721 0175

Quocut professional



Cre8 Estimator Application 

V6 (CRE8) Estimator application provides fabricators with a comprehensive tool for the quotation and estimation of Capral's Building Systems product suite. The integrated database enables development of 3D designs, DXF output to assist in window schedules creations in CAD applications. Capral's in-house database development and support ensures fabricators receive regular updates and are kept up to date with enhancements to Capral's product suite.

Powered by V6 Softtech Australia

Ph: 1800 227 335

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CRE8 Video Guides

We have developed a set of online training video guides to help you through various software scenarios including quoting, design, resources and maintenance. Select a link below to view the training video suitable to your needs. You can also watch these videos via our Video Gallery 


Item Option - 584 Product Options Copying a Quote - Using "Alternative" Extras Extrusion Add a Resource to the Quote           
Quote Option - Change the finish on an Entire quote    Reporting - Change the finish text on Report               Starting a New Quote 


Advanced - Joints And Extending Assemblies    Rake Frames - Create any Raked frame  Rake Frames - Making a cut
Using the Step Frame Wizard Macros - How to Substitute an assembly           Macros - How to Manually Nest an Insert          
Tools - Setting Door Midrail Height (Position)


Components - How to Change the Price Fill - How to Create a Single glazed Glass Labour - How to Navigate the Labour grid
Fill - How to Export Import Percent Increase             Labour - 1 Labour Understand Labour Descriptions  Labour - 2 Labour Glass weight & hardware          


How to - Backup the database Db Updates - Part 1 Email+Download Updates Db Updates - Part 2 Backing up Database
Db Updates - Part 3 Importing Updates Defaults - Frame Option Control Library Keys - How to Import the Library key
Pricefiles - How to ImportAllPricefiles                     Pricefiles - How to Import Component Price file   Pricefiles - How to Import Extrusion Pricefile  
Pricefiles - How to Import Finish Pricefile Reporting - How to Link a Report Setting - Dimension Schema
Import Export - Custom Extn Lengths


Orgadata Support

LogiKal is a window, door and curtain wall construction software for aluminium. The easy-to-understand program control in LogiKal makes it possible for any user to find their way around the software. The software leads you through the entire design process and ensures that not a single detail is forgotten. Orgadata can fall back on more than 30 years of experience in software design and well established LogiKal software as an independent provider of this application for windows, doors and façades in the architectural aluminium glazing industry.

For additional help, assistance and troubleshooting, please following the below link to the Orgadata help centre.


Capral Software Support

Tel 1800 227 335


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