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Capral Trickle Vents – a natural ventilation solution for healthy and energy-efficient homes.

With the advancements in building standards, and the drive to improve thermal comfort and energy efficiency, today’s buildings have become more airtight with less air leakage. This contributes to poor indoor air quality where dust mites, moulds, viruses, bacteria and chemical substances can accumulate, impacting on the health of a home’s occupants.

Of course, we can open windows and doors to allow fresh air in, however this is often a temporary solution that can compromise energy efficiency, security and comfort. The need for regular ventilation thus becomes an important consideration in the maintenance of indoor air quality. Trickle vents have been designed as an effective ventilation solution. Without the need of electric power, sensors or human interaction, trickle vents passively control ventilation. 

The advantages of Capral's Trickle vents:
Consistent supply of ventilation even when windows are closed, especially at night or when the home is unoccupied.
More secure than an open window where you can be vulnerable to burglary, annoying insects and noise.
Helps control air moisture that can lead to mould and mildew.
Installed above window frames means views are unobstructed.
Safer for children.

Invisivent Renson Trickle Vent
The most discreet, self-regulating, acoustic overframe ventilator on the market.
The Invisivent® is a thermally broken window ventilator that can be installed above Capral Futureline 440TB and 419TB sub frames, providing an almost invisible installation.
Discreetly installed above sub frame.
i-Flux® technology. Thanks to its self-regulating flap, the Invisivent® ensures a supply of fresh and healthy air without 

draughts. Moreover, the interior profile deflects the incoming air upwards, causing an optimal spread of fresh air in the 
Thermally broken. Reduces direct heat/cold transfer to maintain internal temperatures and reduce energy costs.
Does not degrade performance of Capral Futureline 440TB and 419TB.
Screened to control insects.

Aerovent Renson Slot Vent
Aerovent is the latest innovation in slot vent range. 
The aluminium slot vent can easily be installed on Capral Futureline 440TB and 419TB sub frames.   
Inside profile
Aluminium profile with PVC endcaps.
Powdercoated in all RAL colours, standard colours include white and dark brown.
It directs the incoming air upwards and avoids any draughts.
Available with manual control or cord control.
Small and discreet. 
Various sizes available to suit different ventilation requirements.

Outside profile 

Aluminium profile with PVC endcaps.
Powdercoated in all RAL colours, standard colours include white and dark brown
Self-regulating. Independent from outside weather conditions, it brings a permanent airflow without draughts.


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