• Photgrapher: Sam Hopkins
  • Fabricator: Sam Hopkins
  • Artwork: Sam Hopkins
  • Artist: Sam Hopkins
  • Showcased: Sculpture By The Sea Bondi

About the project

“2030” was created to exhibit at Sculpture by the Sea Bondi. Sam Hopkins wanted to use the exhibit, that sees over half a million people view the exhibition, to portray an issue he cares deeply about. “2030” is a representation of what most trees will look like in the future if we don’t make some drastic changes, a looming skeleton of this once great lifegiver. We hear about climate change nearly every day, and although there are many visual effects, we may not be seeing them in an urban setting. With Australia’s forests being reshaped by climate change: increasing droughts, heatwaves, rising temperatures and bushfires, driving our ecosystem for collapse; Sam worries the dead tree will become an all too familiar sight. No longer majestic in its singularity, but melancholic in its plenitude.  By 2030, the threat of climate change to ecosystems and the bioclimatic limit of trees will be irreversible.


“2030” was completely handcrafted using a combination of Capral Aluminium sheet and tube, using varying techniques of cutting, welding and grinding to form the organic shapes. The fabrication took 750 hours with a further 250 hours approx, in concept, building the marquette, design and engineering. This material was used for a number of reasons but primarily because of the concept behind the work. Environment and sustainability. Aluminium being 99% recyclable, after its life as a sculpture which will hopefully surpass past our time, it can then be recycled and reused. Also due to its durability/corrosion resistance, and because of its natural colour that closely resembles the colour of an old dead tree, meant very little treatment was needed on the final work.


‘2030’ will be exhibiting at Sculpture By The Sea Bondi, and hopefully will find a permanent home after the exhibition.

Sam Hopkins Sculptures

“Having Capral work with me on my latest sculpture has been an absolute pleasure, from Nigel, the State Manager, through to the truck drivers. Everyone went above and beyond, while delivering very friendly service which seems a rarity these days with large companies dealing with small businesses. Looking forward to work with Capral again in the future.”

Sam Hopkins Sculptures

Sam Hopkins Sculptures


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