Adagio Apartments

Situated in Perth overlooking the Swan River, the 23-level Adagio Apartments complex encourages an ‘effortless’ lifestyle through a combination of modern design principles and high-quality materials.


  • Architect: Hanssen Pty Ltd
  • Builder: Finbar Group Ltd
  • Fabricator: Hanssen Window Factory

About the project

Situated in Perth overlooking the Swan River, the 23-level Adagio Apartments complex encourages an ‘effortless’ lifestyle through a combination of modern design principles and high-quality materials.

The term ‘adagio’ is an instruction to slow down and function at a leisurely pace, which makes it an appropriate name for the recently completed 119-apartment complex at 90 Terrace Road, East Perth, Western Australia. Constructed by Hanssen Pty Ltd. for Finbar Group Ltd, minimalist design principles are apparent in the building’s sleek lines, as evidenced in the strong use of high-performance window systems, doors and balustrades; low-maintenance aluminium framing; and a simple linear design promoting an outward-looking connection to the environment.

The new Apartment Collection window system installed is designed locally by Capral Aluminium, and specified due to its superior performance, including wind load and thermal efficiency. All glazing fabrication was carried out by Hanssen Window Factory, and Hanssen personnel were also responsible for the glazing installation.

From the earliest concept stages, high-quality materials and cleverly functional design were mantras for the project, hence the insistence on unobtrusive but strong aluminium door and window frames and balustrade railings. These visually restrained fittings serve an important purpose, enhancing sweeping panoramic views without unnecessary clutter. They also provide product longevity and solidity, contributing to a sense of secure luxury and aesthetic permanence. Gerry Hanssen, Managing Director of Hanssen Pty Ltd., says the Capral Apartment Collection featured in the Adagio project harnesses contemporary minimalist lines, and also incorporates the premium functionality and performance attributes of double glazing.

“All windows are Toughened Blue Selective Low E, 6T +12A + 6T glass,” he says. This configuration, he adds, maximises both thermal and acoustic qualities, which not only reduces occupants’ day-to-day heating and cooling costs, but also alleviates wear and tear on centralised air conditioning systems. As Gerry explains: “Buildings need to constantly become more thermally efficient to keep up with increasing energy costs and climate change, which requires more heating and cooling throughout the year. An important consideration in all climate zones; acoustic considerations are equally relevant.” “In fact, Perth has grown 3.5% in the last year alone, making it the fastest growing capital city in Australia (ABS); with this comes the potential for increased traffic and noise, so our buildings need to follow suit to keep up with the times.”

The affordability, strength, adaptability and quality of manufacture of the Capral Apartment Collection made it our ‘material of choice’ for the Adagio highrise – Gerry says his company has now collaborated with Capral on 10 separate projects. “And we certainly value our relationships with local suppliers,” he says, “because they are most importantly accountable, offer shorter lead times and have greater capacity to be flexible, if required.” The use of high-performance glazing and streamlined aluminium framing and railing has helped deliver the two most sought-after features of contemporary apartment living: the best possible views to the outside world, as provided by expansive glazing; and wonderful operational efficiency. Not so long ago these two goals would have been mutually exclusive; today, thanks to brilliant design and the use of high-quality building materials, it is possible for occupants to enjoy ‘the best of both worlds’. The result is hassle-free living at an ‘adagio’ pace.


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