Peppermint Grove Residence

The recent extension and renovation of a home in Peppermint Grove, Perth, WA, demonstrates the power of high-quality aluminium glazing to unify different architectural styles and themes.


  • Architect: Designer: DTDA Pty Ltd
  • Builder: MAEK
  • Photgrapher: Joel Barbitta, D-MAX Photography
  • Fabricator: Jason Windows/Capral Aluminium

About the project

Disparate architectural styles, commonly found when an older building is extended with modern additions, often call for a thematic ‘thread’ to unite mixed visual elements. In the case of a recently extended house in the coastal Perth suburb of Peppermint Grove, the entire home’s expansive windows and glass doors have been linked under a common aesthetic catchall of anodized bronze aluminium glazing, supplied by Capral Aluminium. A variety of striking commercial-grade Capral products was used in the project, including large 900 Series sliding doors and Breezway louvres, all of which were incorporated with ease into the home’s original AND new features. “Our starting point was an early limestone-façade residence, which had an addition put onto it in the 1960s,” says Don Taylor, from DTDA Pty Ltd. The 1960s addition, which served as a rear-property carport with a granny flat above it (complete with concrete slab floor), was incorporated into the new works. “We ended up transforming the original garage into a family room, and above it we created a new master bedroom with ensuite and robe, overlooking the swimming pool.” A separate stand-alone garage, topped by an expansive spare bedroom, was built to replace the converted carport. The entire residence sits on a sizeable 1,600-square-metre block in a coastal setting.

Contemporary crisp lines and uncluttered large spaces, Don explains, characterise all additions, which are dominated by form rather than fittings. The challenge, he admits, was to create confident and strong additions without segregating the residence into ‘old and new’ precincts. The solution was to use Capral products consistently throughout the home, starting with the original limestone façade. Original timber French doors were removed and the cavities heightened to accommodate new fixed glass aluminium windows and louvred panels. The extra height of the Capral frames – an unmistakably modern design feature – immediately conferred a contemporary styling on the old façade without undermining the heritage of the limestone. How was this achieved? Arguably, the juxtaposed ‘old and new’ styles coexist happily because of their shared visual strength and engineering hardiness: the Capral framing is close in size to the 40–50mm frames of the early-era windows, giving a sense of permanence and stability to the new windows. Complementary aluminium louvre windows also work well as aesthetic anchors, thanks to their obvious practicality and security. The dark bronze anodized finish, used throughout the residence, underscores the solidity of the glazing while embracing the timelessness of a burnished surface. “So, as you walk up to the house, on the left-hand side of the entrance door you’ll see a Capral window and louvre window,” Don says. “And there’s also one on the right-hand side. We did those in the bronze frame, and we lacquered the front door in black – they look identical.”

The modern additions at the rear of the residence harmonise effectively with spacious rooms and expansive glass panels. Commercial-grade 900 series sliding doors were chosen due to their high load capacities and rugged rollers, allowing for the installation of extra high glass panels without difficulty. The 900 Series sliding doors, it is worth noting, can bear loads up to 250kg and individual glass panels up to 3,000mm in height x 2,500mm width. “Looking back at the glazing,” Don says, “we chose Capral because I really like those big sections; they look really terrific, particularly with the older type house where you have high ceilings. We always like a lot of glass …and those frames really suit big expanses of glass.” Unobtrusive door furniture, also finished in anodised bronze, was supplied by Halliday + Baillie. “Everything is quite neutral but soothing and calming,” Don adds. “And the floors are a dark brown colour as well, which assisted with the colour of the windows.” Don says he and the clients are delighted with the end result of the project. “I must admit we are very happy with it,” he says.

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