Does Capral supply security screens?

Capral does not manufacture Security products for retail sale but rather direct to fabricators through our Amplimesh brand, please contact a Capral Customer Service Officer or Account Manager for details of your nearest Amplimesh dealer or alternatively click HERE

Can we pick up from Bremer Park?

We do not allow customer pick ups from our Bremer Park warehouse, you can click here to find your closest aluminium centre for order collection.

Do you fabricate your own products?

Capral Aluminium is not a window and door fabricator but we do have a wide range of customers around the country you are trained in fabricating our products. If you would like to find out more about our customer network, please call us at 1800 Aluminium to find your closest fabricator.

Do you offer powder coating and anodising services?

We most certainly do. For a full list of value add services available to you, please see our value add page by clicking here.

Where is the closest Aluminium Centre to me for order pick up?

You can find a list of all trade centre locations here.