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    Servicing Australia for over 75 years, Capral is the nation's largest manufacturer and distributor of aluminium extrusions, including aluminium flat bars and angles, aluminium sheets and panels and aluminium fencing and seating. Capral's incredible selection of high quality profiles comes thanks to its state-of-the-art aluminium extrusion plants with an annual production capacity of 75KT.

  • Sheet and Plates

    Aluminium sheets and panels are suitable for use in a variety of applications making them a cost-effective solution for an incredible range of projects. As Australia’s trusted aluminium suppliers, Capral...

  • Fencing, Screening and Posts

    Thanks to its design versatility, easy installation and minimal maintenance requirements, aluminium fencing has quickly become an incredibly popular choice in fencing design. Whether it is used as a perimeter...

  • Seating and Seating Accessories

    Aluminium seating is quickly becoming a popular solution to open-space seating requirements. Thanks to the durability and lightweight nature of the material, aluminium seating is perfect for schools, parks, stadiums...

  • Scaffold Planks

    With over 75 years as a trusted supplier of aluminium extrusions, Capral has designed a comprehensive product portfolio that includes a wide range of resources for residential, commercial and industry...

  • Transport Sections

    When you require strong and durable transport sections, Capral is the name in aluminium suppliers that meets customer expectations for quality aluminium extrusions at competitive prices. All of our products...

  • Marine Sections

    Capral’s range of aluminium extrusions designed for use in marine applications are strong, durable and reliable even in extreme weather conditions. As experienced aluminium suppliers, we understand the need our...

  • Coolroom and Portable Buildings

    Thanks to their ability to provide and maintain consistent temperature control, coolroom panels are a popular product for construction, food processing and cold storage industries. These thermal aluminium sections are...

  • Extrusion Applications

    With more than 75 years serving Australia with high quality, cost-effective aluminium extrusions, Capral can boast one of the most comprehensive product portfolios in the industry. We have aluminium sections...

  • Miscellaneous Extrusions

    In addition to a wide range of aluminium flat bars, aluminium angles, aluminium fencing, aluminium seating as well as other products, Capral has an extensive selection of miscellaneous extrusions that...

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