At Capral we care for the environment. We are committed to the efficient use of resources and the reduction and prevention of pollution and emissions. We believe that all environmental incidents and harm are preventable. We recognise that any part of our activities, products or services may impact on the environment and, as a responsible corporate citizen, will work toward sustainable development, which embodies life cycle thinking into its operations.

In line with this commitment, we will effectively manage our waste materials using hierarchy of reduce / reuse / recycle and any disposal will be to appropriate environmental standards.

Capral is committed to maintaining an Environment Management System that incorporates Company requirements for planning, implementation and review, based on a risk management approach. Capral sites are certified to ISO14001 (Environmental Management).

Capral acknowledges the importance of the impact of our operations on all major stakeholders by providing information, as appropriate, to employees, shareholders, government agencies and local communities.

Capral is committed to minimising adverse consequences of new plant, equipment and processes by assessing implications in the design, purchase and commissioning phases, ensuring prevention measures are taken prior to operation. Capral will act in an environmentally responsible manner and will rehabilitate environmental damage in a timely and responsible manner.

At Capral, all employees embrace an obligation to take reasonable care and attention when performing their role and must comply with all directions given to ensure that environmental damage does not occur. Employees actively participate in all environmental audits and assessments, corrective actions and rehabilitation plans.

Capral’s Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders always demonstrate sound environmental leadership and communicate clear environmental accountabilities and expectations to their teams to re-enforce those standards in the workplace.