Capral designs and supplies glazing solutions – not just the extrusions – and integral to these solutions is the hardware. Selecting the right hardware is critical in determining whether the finished glazing solution meets your requirements in terms of performance, aesthetic and functionality.

Hardware for glazing products encompasses a wide range of products and includes small yet crucial assembly components such as screws and gaskets, through to larger more visible items such as door furniture or even electronic window hardware. Capral offers both proprietary and non-proprietary hardware either designed in-house or in conjunction with major hardware OEMs.

One thing you can be assured of, when you order hardware through Capral every item offered has the support of our Engineering team and hardware partners. This gives you unparalleled support for our glazing solutions. Purchasing hardware through third-parties may mean that you end up with an unsupported product so we always recommend purchasing through the solution designer.

In summary, Capral offers an extensive range of hardware that is supported by an excellent team. By designing hardware ourselves or working with reputable vendors you can be assured of a quality product. Cutting out the middle man ensures excellent value.

Talk to your local Capral architectural or fabricator contact to discuss more about Capral glazing solutions and associated hardware offer.