From Australian mines to Australian roads, Rio Tinto and Capral Aluminium are proudly Australian

Kellie Moore | August 6th, 2021

For more than half a century, Rio Tinto has been partnering with Australian businesses like Capral Aluminium to produce Australian aluminium products. Rio Tinto’s aluminium operations span bauxite mines, alumina refineries and smelters across Australia; supported by power stations, rail networks, ferry terminals and a R&D Centre. Being part of the local communities in which Rio Tinto operates enables them to support local jobs and businesses.

Rio Tinto’s Australian supply chain for aluminum begins in the country’s far north-east. In partnership with traditional owners, on whose land they operate, Rio Tinto mines bauxite, a key ingredient in Australian aluminium. After being transported by sea along Australia’s East Coast, the bauxite arrives in Gladstone. From there, the bauxite is transported to local refineries and turned into Alumina before being transferred to potlines and smelted into molten Aluminium. The liquid metal is then cast into solid forms such as ingots and billets.


Extrusion experts like Capral Aluminium transform these billets into market leading aluminium products. In particular Capral Aluminium supports the Australian transport industry supplying purpose designed aluminum transport sections, sheet and plate for use in truck and trailer manufacturing across the country.

With the largest industrial press in Australia found under the roof of its Campbellfield facility in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, Capral Aluminium can extrude large profiles up to lengths of 17m.

A staple of Capral’s equipment since the early 2000s, the large 44 MN extrusion press can manufacture both simple and complex shapes using in-house die cutting technology, along with a highly experienced workforce.

Capral understands customers are always on the lookout for more efficient ways to provide their clients with a finished product. To remove processing tasks from its customers’ to-do lists, Capral has built a business model where it aims to provide the aluminium in a fabricated condition ready for assembly.

Working in partnership with Australian transport manufacturers the Capral Aluminum team develop unique sections and solutions to support ongoing innovation within the transport industry. Aluminum is increasingly selected as the material of choice for this sector given its light weight and strength characteristics.

From Australian mines to Australian roads, Rio Tinto and Capral Aluminium are proudly Australian, and proudly supporting Australian transport manufacturers.