Capral Aluminium Centres – Local people. Local support. Local Supply.

Kellie Moore | February 25th, 2022

As Australia’s largest distributor of aluminium products, the Capral brand is well recognised across the country as a key aluminium supplier to a diverse range of industrial, manufacturing, trade and construction industries. With 35 sites throughout Australia and more than 500 transport runs daily you’d be forgiven for imagining this extensive operation as somewhat of a beast! At least until you meet Jody and her team at the Capral Rockdale Aluminium Centre.

Located in one of Sydney’s busy trade hubs the Capral Rockdale Aluminium Centre is nestled in an unassuming block of factories and warehouses. Inside however there is a hive of activity as Jody and her team go above and beyond to meet the needs and expectations of their local customers. With friendly service and a can do attitude that would remind you of your favourite local business.

jody team

“We stock a wide range of aluminium product to meet our customers needs and get deliveries daily to replenish our stocks. If we don’t have what our customer needs in stock here at Rockdale its no problem to order it in from another site and have it ready to collect for the customer in a few days – or we can even deliver it, sometimes I just run things out on the ute to the customer myself! Especially if they need it in a hurry”

The Rockdale trade centre like all Capral Aluminium Centre’s is connected via an Australia-wide regional distribution network, with bulk stores of plate, sheet, mesh and treadplate, as well as standard geometric and customer exclusive extrusions held at the Regional Distribution Centres customers can easily access the complete Capral local offer via conveniently located Trade Centres operating throughout metropolitan and regional Australia.

“Our philosophy is, wherever our customers are Capral is just around the corner. Our Aluminium Centre teams are experts in aluminium not to mention passionate problem solvers who will work with you to bring your project to life. With access to an extensive range of aluminium plate, sheet, mesh and treadplate, as well as standard geometric sections all stocked locally this is where the magic happens.”

aluminum racks

Capral Aluminium Centres can also provide services to support local industry and trades.

“We do a lot of cut to length, sometimes just for transport but sometimes because a customer has a specific requirement for cut to size aluminium, we are happy to do that, it makes our customers life just that little bit easier and speeds up their project”

Whilst the range stocked in each Capral Aluminium Centre differs slightly to cater to the needs of local industry all trade centres will offer a selection of sheet, plate and treadplate in various thicknesses and alloys, along with a variety of standard geometric profiles including angles in popular local powder coat finishes. Trade centres also stock the popular Qubelok™ modular system which can be used to create anything from furniture to 4-wheel-drive fit outs and bird avery’s as well as Quiklok™ privacy screen and fencing systems. Capral scaffold planks, and seating systems can also be purchased at local Trade Centres


The big thing that sets Capral Trade centres apart from other distributors would have to be its people.

“I’ve been working for Capral for 12 years, I started out in customer service and now I’m managing this Aluminium Centre, I know the Capral range like the back of my hand and when a customer comes in trying to explain what they need I know how to help. I like to work through the options with the customer, sometimes there’s a way to do it more efficiently, or a way to make it stronger or more durable. For me that’s what makes me come to work each day, I love helping people solve problems. Maybe its just someone wanting to build a new front fence or maybe it’s a unique engineering project they are trying to tackle, I’m always amazed by the incredible things people build with our aluminium”

Just like Jody and her team, the Capral teams at all our local Aluminium Centres want to achieve the best outcomes for their customers. Capral offer conveniently located Trade Centres operating throughout metropolitan and regional Australia.