There’s no better time to organise your storage – With Qubelok

Kellie Moore | September 7th, 2021
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With many of us unable to work as usual due to lockdown restrictions we are hearing businesses are using this time as an opportunity to take stock, get organized and get ready for a busy ramp up to Christmas and a new year – hopefully one less impacted by lockdown and restrictions!

The Capral Qubelok range is a great tool for creating custom solutions for your home or business. Infinitely configurable the Qubelok system incorporates square hollow aluminium tubes and a range of UV stabilised Qubelok connectors to create any number of combinations, for a variety of design possibilities.

Qubelok is a great solution for custom storage, allowing light, versatile storage configurations for retail, office, 4-wheel drives, caravans, vehicles, storerooms and small parts stores.
Designing and building with the Qubelok system is simple, choose from 7 connectors allowing infinite configurations. Hollow aluminiun tube can be cut with basic tools and the system quickly fits together creating a purpose designed solution for your space.

The Qubelok system is stocked nationally by Capral and available for quick delivery via the Capral online store. Download the Qubelok brochure for design inspiration and quick part reference to help you with your design.

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