The new Crafted with Capral series – Shining a spotlight on Australian manufacturing

Kellie Moore | April 26th, 2022
Crafted with Capral

Capral Aluminium supplies in excess of 76,000 tonnes of aluminium annually to an almost exclusively Australian customer base. Capral customers represent a diverse range of industry sectors including engineering, manufacturing, transport, marine, signage and construction. In fact, Capral aluminium is likely to be found in every industrial or trade industry operating within Australia. Yet Marketing and Communications Manager, Kellie Moore believes, “If I asked you to point it out you’d be hard-pressed. Our product is invisible.” Which is why Capral have released the first in a series of short films showcasing Capral Aluminium in the wild and telling the stories of the unique and innovative Australian businesses it supports through the supply of a variety of aluminium products.

Capral’s newly developed Crafted with Capral series will take viewers on a journey across Australia, shining a spotlight on Australian manufacturing and the various industries using Capral Aluminium’s product.

Kellie adds, “Many of us go through our day-to-day lives interacting with things without a cursory glance to where they came from, how they were made; the story of how objects are crafted, created, designed, innovated often goes untold. 76,000 tonnes of Capral aluminium goes into the Australian market annually and for the large part it’s unnoticed; it vanishes into obscurity becoming part of something finished, functional, which itself often disappears into the chaos of our daily lives. I mean, how often do you look at a bullbar or a park bench, a street sign or a rooftop HVAC platform and wonder, where did that come from? Who invented that? Why is it made that way it? I’m pretty sure you don’t and I really think that in itself is a huge shame!”

“Aluminium is an amazing material, its applications are many. The skills, technology and ingenuity involved in crafting something from it are often impressive in their own right. The Crafted with Capral series is intended to shine a spotlight on the incredible Australian businesses who work with this material, and in doing so have carved out a niche or position of excellence for themselves. The series wants to tell the story of innovation and entrepreneurship and demonstrate that Australian ingenuity in manufacturing is alive and well, supported by partners like Capral.”

The series will travel the country and highlight various industries where Capral aluminium is used, showcasing impressive Australian businesses and their unique processes and ideas and making it possible to see behind the scenes of some of these objects and understand just what goes into creating them.

“We filmed the first in the series with Con-form Group in Bathurst and it was just amazing. This is a dynamic, innovative business crafting something most people wouldn’t even notice but which impacts on our lives almost daily when we visit buildings with mechanical cooling. It was an immense pleasure for Capral to be welcomed into the Con-form business and to be able to showcase their ethos and professionalism.”

New releases in the Crafted with Capral series will be made monthly by Capral throughout 2022. You can view the first episode of Crafted with Capral featuring NSW based manufacturer Con-form Group here.