Playgrounds, school ovals, gardens, parks and pools! Capral aluminium seating systems cater for anywhere that people want to sit comfortably and relax. Enjoy the flexibility that these seats offer.

Place them informally taking advantage of shade or a pleasing view, or group them formally to maximise the numbers that can be seated in a given area. In any case, they are an attractive and low maintenance seating solution that will last for years. Capral seating stays cooler to touch on hot sunny days. This is especially important when installed inside schoolyards, stadiums and sports ovals where school children are concerned.

Made from durable, low maintenance aluminium this stackable seating is strong, lightweight, and will save on storage space. Stackable seating provides versatile seating for four people (or up to six children). They are designed for schools, halls and assembly rooms where ‘seating space’ must become ‘open space’ quickly and easily. Built for rugged use, light to lift and stack, these multi – purpose seats come in five classic colours which will last for years to come.

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