Middleton Surf Shack


  • Architect: ABC Advanced Building Constructions
  • Builder: ABC Advanced Building Constructions
  • Photgrapher: Shane Harris
  • Fabricator: KR Installations

About the project

The Middleton Surf Shack exemplifies the unrivalled thermal performance made possible by the innovative Schuco systems. Thoughtful design has deeply integrated this residence within its spectacular, and often challenging, natural setting.

The main element of this house’s peerless physical aspect is its ability to merge with its surroundings, appearing to dissolve the barriers between inside and out. The building itself seems to melt away into the surrounding surf, while simultaneously protecting the occupants from the climate’s extremes.

Thermal performance of the structure is enhanced by the Schuco double-glazed high performance awning windows installed throughout, manufactured with 10mm grey toughened/20mm Argon/15mm clear toughened glazing to the outer facing.

The combined Schuco window system and glazing specification significantly improves internal comfort, reducing heat energy transmission through the massive glazed openings in the building’s façade, minimising summer heat gain and heat loss in cooler months.

Optimising thermal performance was essential given the extreme temperature fluctuations – particularly as the house is regularly buffeted by strong sea winds, from which occupants require secure protection. Schuco’s corrosion-resistant framing systems perfectly match the harsh coastal environment.

The slimline framing design feature in the Schuco window suites creates this beachfront home’s spontaneous sense of ‘flow’. Glazed doors and walls open the house’s airy internal spaces right up, with each room seemingly melding into the next, then into its unforgettable setting. The stylishly welcoming interior is highlighted by Schuco’s multi award winning FWS60 Curtain Wall system, encasing each storey of the interior’s flexible, finely balanced spaces.

Advanced Building Constructions carefully considered the window and glazing specification throughout this unique project, displaying a sensitivity to the materials used and a keen awareness of their natural resonances. The smooth transitions between rooms culminate in clear sightlines through to the spectacular adjacent shoreline. The house creates its visual impact by organically merging with its surroundings, fully displaying Schuco’s framing elements.

While this ‘shack’ may conjure rustic images of the beach beyond, the high-performance Schuco window, door and curtain wall system’s advanced technology used within this superbly constructed building is a far cry from its fibro namesakes dotting our back beaches. Middleton Beach Shack’s technical advances offer occupants premium comfort – without obscuring the magnificent floor-to-ceiling views defining this elegant, yet highly liveable, residence.


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